Valuation Services / Appraisal Services

BPO – Limited real estate information report provided by a licensed real-estate
professional including but not limited to:

  • exterior inspection of property (interior inspection available upon request)
  • comparable sales and the estimated market value base on 90-120 day
  • market.
  • analysis of supply and demand of property in its market
  • adverse conditions
  • photo of subject front
  • standard and customized forms
  • exterior drive-by
  • rush orders

AVM – Automated valuation models including but not limited to:

  • values and value ranges
  • comps
  • property information

1004 appraisal w/REO addendum

  • 2 to 4 pages including floor plan
  • exterior dimensions
  • photos of subject and comp properties
  • location and flood maps
  • assumption and limiting condition addenda

1004D appraisal update

  • reverify value of property stated on appraisal

1025 / 216 Multi family

  • multi family with rent schedule

1073 investment property/individual condo

2055 Residential exterior appraisal (drive by)

  • exterior inspection
  • comp sales
  • certification and statement of limiting conditions
  • front and street scene photo
  • sales comparison analysis